The Best Small Fixes That Improved My Life in 2020

Blankets, silk pillowcases, and a little wicker basket really can make things better

A silk pillowcase

A little wicker basket

Not my wicker basket, judging from the ax inside it. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

A bedside pill organizer

The Trello app

A series of Hydroflasks for different beverages

Photo by Shrey Gupta on Unsplash

A dish for our keys

Dish gloves

Those lighters with long necks

A waterer with a hose on it to water my hanging plant

A blanket at arm’s reach in every room

Photo by Sdf Rf on Unsplash

Separate piles of books

Multiple 10-foot charging cords

i’m a freelance writer and editor. you can also read me in places like the new york times and vanity fair.

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