Everything I’ve Bought Online During the Pandemic

And how much each thing has dulled my existential dread

A box of Economy Candy

A Susan Alexandra bag

“Girls,” Season 1, Episode 1

A mid-century modern nightstand

A 10-foot long iPhone charging cable

27 Muji pens

An entirely new bedding set (duvet, duvet cover, pillows, sheet set, mattress pad)

Nintendo Switch and “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

A Girlfriend Collective workout set

Not excited for Zoom-ba.

New glasses


Not my feet. You have to pay extra for that. Photo by Danique Ter on Unsplash

An L.L. Bean vintage fleece pullover, three Everlane sweaters, a Patagonia performance fleece pullover, Reformation skirt

i’m a freelance writer and editor. you can also read me in places like the new york times and vanity fair.

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