Ask Me About My Jacquie Lawson 2020 Digital Nordic Advent Calendar

Maya Kosoff
3 min readDec 1, 2020

Who are the only people still playing desktop flash games in 2020? Great question. The answer: Me, my friend Kate, and some old British women. What are we playing? Another great question! The answer: It’s not even a game so much as it is a 25-day digital advent calendar from British illustrator Jacquie Lawson. Every day there’s a new ornament you can click on, leading you to a fun animation or a little cute card game as you inch closer to Christmas.

The town itself and the people in it are the beautiful snow-capped backdrop that Big Christmas has led to believe is aspirational for the month of December.And look at this cozy living room. Hygge AF!

You can also collect GNOMES for your HOME:

But you don’t need to take MY word for it. Kate wrote an impassioned story about how much she loves to simply open the game and listen to the Christmas music it plays and sit there in her little fake living room with the roaring fire and the tree that becomes more decorated with every passing day of the month of December:

Whatever the year’s theme, the calendar’s landing page is the storybook depiction of Christmas I’ve yet to experience in real life. Townspeople bundled in hats and mittens wander the screen holding crisply-wrapped presents or walking their dogs. In the background, a horse-and-carriage trots by or children sled down a snowy slope. There’s a gigantic Christmas tree erected in the middle of the town square. I like to imagine the front-page headlines on the local newspaper are things like “TOWN HALL TO RECEIVE NEW BELL” and “PASTOR TOM TURNS 86.”

I think Lawson understands, because each advent calendar has a little area just for hanging out. It’s your personal living room, where you can decorate a digital Christmas tree or play a game of solitaire or indulge in a delightful game that involves smashing ornaments, all while illustrated cats and dogs snooze in front of the fire at your digital house. I literally feel my heart rate settle when I go to this room.

You can read the whole thing at NoFilter. And you can purchase and download our OWN Jacquie Lawson advent calendar HERE.

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